Chough’s squeak, jackdaw chack, sea roar. Stamps an Jowl Zawn. September 2011.
mixed media and collage 30.5 x 34cm £4250

Stamps An Jowl Zawn – what an amazing place name, it means the chasm of the devil’s stamps – that old mining machinery that broke up the tin ore. And what a crazy place – just north of Botallack, here on the west Cornish coast.

You stand on a near vertical cliff and stare down (vertiginous) at this rocky spur with a natural doorway / an arch cut through; the coast is very exposed here, pounded by the full fury of the Atlantic. An elemental place with the cliff path clinging to the very edge, following the old mine leat skirting the margins of Cornwall – bare granite; gales and a big sea. This is where the choughs hang out – their joyful squeaky cries echoing off and up the cliffs.

This was a busy place in mining days - now a post-industrial landscape, it feels empty, wild and primordial. It’s only a short walk from Botallack.

Kurt Jackson 2014.