Anna Livia: Painting the Path of the Young Liffey
(16th April - 10th May 2015)
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Recently, the following of a particular river landscape, for example in France or on the Penwith peninsular of Cornwall (where Jackson lives), seems to have taken on a clear fascination for him, the way a river reveals and seems to express the character of the landscape through which it runs.

In the present case there is a particular emotional resonance to the tracing of the young Liffey as well, the journey he made to the peat bogs of the Wicklow mountains in 2006, marking his first return in some 30 years to a landscape he had come to as a boy of 16, hitchhiking from London and his first time away from home on his own.

Nicholas Usherwood, Editor of Galleries Magazine.

Kurt Jackson: Anna Livia: Painting the Path of the Young Liffey
16th April - 10th May 2015
Origin Gallery, 37 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin, Ireland 2.
Telephone: +353 1 662 9347