Kurt Jackson MA (Oxon) DLitt (Hon) RWA was born is 1961 in Blandford, Dorset. He graduated from St Peter’s College, Oxford with a degree in Zoology in 1983. While there, he spent most of his time painting and attending courses at Ruskin College of Art, Oxford. On gaining his degree he travelled extensively and independently, painting wherever he went. He travelled to the Arctic alone and hitched across Africa with his wife, Caroline. They moved to Cornwall in 1984 where they still live and work. They have three grown children, Seth, Zinzi and Chloe and four young grandchildren, Thelonious, Taya, Maisie and Issac. 

A dedication to and celebration of the environment is intrinsic to both his politics and his art and a holistic involvement with his subjects provides the springboard for his formal innovations. Jackson's practice involves both plein air and studio work and embraces an extensive range of materials and techniques including mixed media, large canvases, print making and sculpture.
Over the past thirty years Jackson has had numerous art publications released to accompany his exhibitions. Three monographs on Jackson have been published by Lund Humphries depicting his career so far; A New Genre of Landscape Painting (2010), Sketchbooks (2012) and A Kurt Jackson Bestiary (2015). A Sansom & Company published book based on his touring exhibition Place was released in 2014. A collection of his poetry And was produced in 2011. Jackson regularly contributes to radio and television and presents environmentally informed art documentaries for the BBC. He was the subject for an award winning BBC documentary, ‘A Picture of Britain’.

He has been Artist in Residence on the Greenpeace ship Esperanza, at the Eden Project and at Glastonbury Festival since 1999.He has an Honorary Doctorate (DLitt) from Exeter University and is an Honorary Fellow of St Peter's College, Oxford University as well as an academician at the Royal West of England Academy. He is an ambassador for Survival International and frequently works with Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, WaterAid, Oxfam and Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

Selected solo exhibitions


‘Place’, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath.

‘A Cornish Bestiary’, The Redfern Gallery, London.

‘From Here’, The Jackson Foundation, St Just, Cornwall.

'Anna Livia: Painting the Path of the Young Liffey', Origin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

‘Place’, Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro.

‘Foraging’, Campden Gallery, Gloucestershire.


‘Archipelago: The Isles of Scilly, off Cornwall’, Campden Gallery, Gloucestershire.

‘A Bite of the Camel’ Collaboration with Rick Stein, Padstow, Cornwall.

‘Line caught and Local’, National Maritime Museum, Falmouth.

‘Place’, Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton.

‘River’, The Horniman Museum, London.

'Cargodna', The Redfern Gallery, London.


'The Burn’, The Lighthouse Gallery, Glasgow.

'A One Mile Walk', Campden Gallery, Gloucestershire.

'The Thames Revisted', The Redfern Gallery, London.


'The Catacol Series: Paintings on Arran’, Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh.

'The Fishermens Friend' with Greenpeace, National Maritime Aquarium, Plymouth.

‘This Place: St Just-in-Penwith’, LSG, Truro.

'Kurt Jackson & St Just‘, Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro.

‘The Sketchbooks’, The Redfern Gallery, London.


‘Kurt Jackson at 50’, Falmouth Art Gallery.

‘The Forth’, Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh.

‘Gwedhen/Tree’, LSG, Truro.

‘Recent Work at the Redfern Gallery’, The Redfern Gallery, London.


‘Ardnamurchan’, Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh.

Book launch and Exhibition, Osborne Samuel Gallery, London.

Lorient Festival, Brittany.

‘The Dart’, LSG, Truro.

‘A Taste of Glastonbury’, Oxo Tower, London.


Messum’s, London.

Glastonbury Festival charity auction, Guardian News Room, London.

‘River Avon, Part 2’, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath.

‘Enesow: An exploration of the islands of Cornwall’, LSG, Truro.


Messum’s, London.

‘Wicken, a Threatened Landscape’, charity auction for Friends of the Earth, Foyles Gallery, London.

‘The Solent Project’, touring exhibition: St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Lymington; Gosport Arts Centre, Hants; Quay Arts Centre, Isle of Wight.

LSG, Truro.

‘The Mining Paintings’, Geevor Mine Gallery, Cornwall.

‘Theatre Five’, charity exhibition for MSF, Royal College of Surgeons, London; Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro.


Messum’s, London.

‘River Avon Part 1’, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath.

Glastonbury Festival charity auction, The Hospital, Covent Garden.

LSG, Truro.


Messum’s, London.

‘Porth’, Catmose Art Gallery, Rutland.

Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh.

‘The Thames Project’, South Hill Park, Bracknell, Berks.

LSG, Truro.


Messum’s, London.

‘Porth’, Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, Exeter and Canterbury City Art Gallery.

‘The Painted Etchings’, Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn and Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh.

Glastonbury Festival charity auction.

‘Three Woods’, St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Lymington and Royal Cornwall Museum and Art Gallery, Truro.

LSG, Truro.


Paddington Station installation.


Messum’s, London.

‘Porth’ touring exhibition: Newlyn Art Gallery; Worcester City Art Gallery; King’s Lynn Arts Centre, Norfolk.

RGI Gallery, Glasgow.

‘Two Woods’, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath.

LSG, Truro.


Messum’s, London.

Glastonbury Festival charity auction, Guardian News Room, London.

LSG, Truro.


Messum’s, London.

‘Delabole Slate Quarry’ touring exhibition: Penzance Geology Museum; Slate Valley Museum, New York,USA; Helen Day Art Centre, Vermont USA.

RGI Kelly Gallery, Glasgow.

Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh.

Royal Cornwall Museum and Art Gallery, Truro.

LSG, Truro.


Messum’s, London.


Messum’s, London.

Origin Gallery, Dublin.

University of Exeter.


Messum’s, London.

Origin Gallery, Dublin.


‘Carnsew’, touring exhibition: Falmouth Art Gallery, Worcester City Art Gallery, Lancashire Mining Museum.

Cornwall Geological Museum.


Messum’s, London.

Twin town exchange, Concarneau Town Hall, Brittany.

Origin Gallery, Dublin.

Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro.


Darlington Art Centre.

Rheda-Wiedensbrück, Germany.


‘South Crofty’, touring exhibition: Camborne School of Mines; Penzance Geological Museum; Plymouth City Art Gallery.

Doncaster Museum.


North Cornwall Museum and Art Gallery.


Robinson College, Cambridge.

Exhibited widely through the eighties.


Selected group exhibitions


‘Wilder Shores of Love', Hilton Fine Art, Bath.

‘Endless Summer', Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro.

‘Picturing the British Tree', St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Lymington.


‘Landscape’ Redfern Gallery, London.

‘Endless Summer’, Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery.

'Sunday Times Watercolour Competition'


‘Frameworks’, Falmouth Art Gallery.


‘Exquisite Trove’, Newlyn Art Gallery.

‘Century’, Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery.


‘Africa Calling’, Falmouth Art Gallery.


Presentation of paintings to Cornwall County Council collection.

Art Miami, USA.

Exhibition at Kew Gardens.


London Art Fair.

Royal West of England Academy.

Penlee House Gallery and Museum, Penzance, Cornwall.


Falmouth Art Gallery,’Delabole Quarry’ with Richard Long


Newlyn Society of Artists.


Penwith Society of Artists.

City Gallery, Leicester.

Hastings Museum.


Rheda, Wiedensbrück, Germany.


Three-man exhibition with brother and father, Maltings Gallery, Weathampstead, Hertfordshire.


Awards and residences


Made honorary fellow of St Peters College Oxford.

Artist in Residence at Berne Shipyard, Bremen, Germany.


Elected honorary ambassador of Survival International.


Awarded honorary doctorate for contribution to the arts by the University of Exeter.

Residency at Treliske Hospital operating theatre, Truro, Cornwall.


Artist in Residence on Greenpeace ship ‘Esperanza’.

‘Live 8’ at Eden Project, Artist in Residence.


Chair of Newlyn Society of Artists.


Elected Academician, Royal West of England Academy.


Glastonbury Festival, Artist in Residence.


Artist in Residence in Cill Riallaig, Ireland.


Artist in Residence in Cill Riallaig, Ireland.




‘Moths’, BBC One, ‘Inside Out’, 23/09/2013


‘Tin’, BBC One, ‘Inside Out’, 15/12/2012


‘Cornwall’s Rarest Tree’, BBC, ‘Spotlight’.


‘River Dart’, BBC One, ‘Inside Out’, 8/11/2010

‘Midweek’, with Libby Purvis, BBC Radio 4, 28/7/10.

‘River Dart’, BBC, ‘Spotlight’.

‘Learning Zone’, BBC Three.


‘Spring’, with Richard Mabey, BBC Radio 3.


‘Kurt Jackson, A Picture of Cornwall’, BBC One South West.

‘Kurt Jackson, A Picture of the South West’, BBC Three.


‘A Place in My Heart’, Carlton TV.


Public collections


Camborne School of Mines, Penryn, Cornwall

Cill Rialaig Arts Centre, Co Kerry, Ireland.

Concarneau Town Council, Brittany

Cornwall County Council

Crown Court, Truro, Cornwall

Darlington Arts Centre, Co Durham

Edinburgh University

Exeter University

Falmouth Art Gallery, Cornwall

Lancashire Mining Museum, Salford

Met Office, Exeter

Ministry of Works, Republic of Ireland

National Museum of Germany, Nuremburg

Penlee House Gallery and Museum, Penzance, Cornwall

Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Devon

Porthcurno Cable and Wireless Museum, Penzance, Cornwall

Royal Cornwall Museum and Art Gallery, Truro

Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

Slate Valley Museum, Granville, New York

St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Lymington, Hants

The Steiner School, Hanover

Tate Britain, London

Tremough Campus, Cornwall

Truro School, Cornwall

University of Cambridge

University of Oxford

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

Worcester City Museum and Art Gallery

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Kurt paints Liffey